Practice What You Preach

"Preaching does not work if you cannot set an example yourself."

Priya Bose, a dedicated team member of AVC who has been here with us for more than 2 years presently works as a participant interface, promotion, logistic support and marketing for workshops, seminars and retreats. She has dedicated all her life towards Mother’s vision, consciously and unconsciously. She studied in the Ashram School, Sri Aurobindo Centre of Education and so, has grew up in mother’s teachings  parallelly to the other  conventional subjects  . She talks about her relationship with Auroville and  how her journey has been with Auroville till now.

” My earliest memories of  Auroville has been at the mere age of 3. We were brought to Auro Orchard and Matrimandir Gardens as a part of our School trips. While we were growing up , the love of nature was instilled in us by our school  and it was  a treat for us to visit and see all the greenery here. We were taught to love and respect nature and that has remained with us because of the foundation was built so strongly.

Auroville has a special part in all of our lives  because that’s the Mother’s dream and we all want to be a part of it and help realizing it. I feel that working inside Auroville has made my connection with the vision grow more deeper. Also, one thing that I really cherish and enjoy in Auroville is that it is a mixture of all the cultures and that is also quite similar to being in the Ashram. Auroville then and Auroville now  is a huge difference. There is a lot of development that went through and is still going through but also, it has become more commercialised. But through it’s own unique way, Auroville is trying to be sustainable and that is a huge success in it’s own league.Auroville inspires me a lot even though I do not live here. It teaches me a lot of things and specially being in AVC, I have become more aware and conscious about living a sustainable life.

Part of my job in AVC is to make people aware, to educate people about how everything is co related , how our planet, society and our immediate surroundings affect each other. Also, education always starts with yourself and then at home. I make sure that in my household, we minimize the usage of water, switching off the lights when you do not need it and carrying cloth bags instead of plastic ones. And I strongly believe that our children learn the best from examples. My son is very disciplined and he follows these guidelines without any pressure.  Preaching does not work if you cannot set an example yourself. Leading a disciplined life will always do wonders for yourself, your family and the society. “

Thank you Priya for always balancing and implementing  spirituality with work. We can truly learn a lot from you.



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