"Solarify helps in designing, engineering and installation of Solar power plants on rooftops to make buildings net zero."

Solarify , a Solar company started by Sharath,  is working towards enabling 1 lakh homes, apartments, businesses and institutions in Bengaluru to reduce their carbon footprint by providing them customized solar power solutions- that are technologically reliable and financially viable. Sharath’s motivation to build this company was from his prior stint of installing Solar on rural households and experiencing first-hand impact of solar power on people and their daily lives. Sharath shares how his experiences guided him to build Solarify along with the challenges they face as a team and as a Solar Company in India.

“The motivation to start Solarify is to tap the huge potential that our empty rooftops have in helping buildings become self sustainable.It is a platform to help homes, societies and businesses to transit to Solar power easily. Solarify helps in designing, engineering and installation of Solar power plants on rooftops to make buildings net zero. Net Zero buildings are the #BrighterTomorrow (ideal future), according to Solarify. For a strong future, we want to help create simpler,reliable and profitable method for buildings to transit to a Net Zero scenario. We would like to see India being powered by at least 50% renewable energy sources.

One of our recent hardest obstacle was to  convince a reputed apartment community to go for Solar for their common area. There weren’t many similar case studies in our country to give confidence to the Apartment Association, that their huge investment would work. But we did overcome that hurdle and today, this stands as Bangalore’s first solar project that powers 100% of an apartment’s common area. This success has paved way for the thousands of apartments in Bengaluru to seriously consider Solar power to reduce their monthly maintenance. It directly impacts on the apartments, who are the mass guzzlers of energy and this will reduce their dependency on the conventional energy resources.

About the challenges, there are many and regular. Convincing people that Solar truly works and provides financial savings is hard and time consuming. Apart from that, there are unorganized companies, which provide low quality services, reducing market rates in an unhealthy manner. As a bootstrapped start-up, we are constantly approaching our business differently to compete and to thrive. As affordability of Solar Power increases and more people want solar, Solarify will be amongst the pioneers in this sector. Also, it helps that we have our eyes on the long-term goal to contribute to increase India’s renewable energy mix.

Solar Village, like Solarify has a very similar vision, to empower and to solarize India. Sharath tells us how Solarify as a team feels about this start of a new partnership.

“The common vision shared by Solar Village and Solarify is to have a long-term environmental and socio-economic impact. Living in a digital age, just by searching the web using Solar Village, anyone can contribute towards sustainable rural development. We, at Solarify, engage the community at large to adopt sustainability through digital channels. This partnership has the capacity to take sustainability to the masses.”

Thank you Solarify.

Solar Village is glad and proud to announce that we are officially partnering with Solarify. May the divine light be with us.



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