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"Comfort is a good thing but not to the extent that we start taking things for granted"

Prabhakar Kolli, Auroville Consulting‘s HR Manager is the one who keeps us all together. He is a guide, a mentor and the one to go, when in doubt. He recalls how AVC started with four people having a coffee together at LA Terrace and how we have come a long way from there. His philosophy in life is quite easy, to keep things very simple and take things as they come. He shares about how travelling to a part of the world changed his life and opened his eyes for better.

“Comfort is a good thing but not to the extent that we start taking things for granted. I saw how us humans can be so ignorant when I travelled to this particular country and I saw people wasting energy and resources as if there is no tomorrow. To avoid just a few minutes of discomfort, they would run their AC’s all day along even when they were not present at home. I saw this huge imbalance going on. One part of the world is having electricity like it is nobody’s business and one part of the world is struggling to receive mere 15 minutes of electricity and sometimes, they do not have any electricity at all. I am not an expert on Renewable Energy but I can see why Eco- Development is very much needed. It is needed to make things balanced so that everybody can have a piece of the pie. And that is the exact reason why I love working in AVC; it is because I like to work with people who share my aspirations and together we achieve more.”

To help us Solar Village, to achieve in it’s goal of solarising 100 villages by 2030, please set as your default search engine and together you will be contributing to the change and to make things balanced.



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