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Han, social media handler for Solar Village

Tan Yi Han, our Social Media handler, one of the sparks of the many, is set to return to his home country, Singapore.His brief stay in Auroville included mostly working for Solar Village, a new initiative by Auroville Consulting to solarise the rural villages of India where the lack of constant electricity is a major development issue.  

“Prior to my time in Auroville, I believed once you got electricity, the process was done, the story ends. Now I see a slightly different side to it, I see the hooks and nooks of it and how complex the whole process is and it just does not end in one note. Coming from Singapore, I took electricity for granted. I had a very superficial understanding to it, an outlook towards it until working in Solar Village made my eyes open. It helped me understand the issues. I saw the challenges surrounding the subject more clearly and more in depth.

Now, I see how lack of electricity can create major setbacks in normal day to day lives. People do not need to inhale the poisonous gases that kerosene lamps creates. One of my friends from a village near Auroville was sharing his problems with me about how unstable voltage was causing break down in the appliances such as in fridges in a general basis. These are just the two examples out of many about how a lack of reliable electricity is really affecting the whole dimension of growth in Rural India and the population in Rural India consists of more than 50% of the whole population of India and that is a whole lot of people who needs basic help and Solar Village intends to do it. So, there is a lot to do and now.Everyday is an opportunity to make a positive impact. Even if it is as simple as making someone smile, it is still something positive. Start making a difference today.”

You can also make a difference by using Solar Village as your default search engine. In doing so, you will be helping us to achieve our goals to solarise India.



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