A little hardship should not stop us when it can help rural people

Shanti, user of Solar Village search engine

People may judge Shanti Srinivas by her grey hair, but she certainly hasn’t let age slow down her zest for life. Shanti is pursuing a Masters degree & has recently picked up tennis. Ask her about her future plans, & her eyes sparkle with excitement as she shares her dream of building her own sustainable, self-sufficient home. 

“It will have a pond to collect rainwater, capture solar and wind energy, & energy-efficient appliances. I will grow my own vegetables. Make life as simple as possible. It will be a holistic approach to a sustainable life. If it is successful, I want to help others to do the same.” 

Born & raised in India, Shanti left for England in 1996. Back in India for the past 6 months to research for her Masters, Shanti wishes to eventually return to settle.

 “I had a fantastic childhood. Spent lots of time outdoors playing in nature with other kids. When I visited my aunt in Kerala, I was mesmerised by their old style houses. Nowadays I hardly see kids playing outside. I feel so sorry for the kids nowadays. Hopefully I can bring back some of these values & architecture.” 

Shanti uses Solar Village as her default search engine in her search for a more energy-efficient building design. “I have been searching mainly for research papers & Solar Village does quite a good job at that. Sure, it lacks some of the features that Google has, but a little bit of hardship shouldn’t stop us when it can help rural people.” 

Age is not a barrier. Attitude is. Start making a difference today.



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