Shanti, user of Solar Village search engine

A little hardship should not stop us when it can help rural people

March 5, 2019 / Han

People may judge Shanti Srinivas by her grey hair, but she certainly hasn’t let age slow down her zest for life. Shanti is pursuing a Masters degree & has recently picked up tennis. Ask her about her future plans, & her eyes sparkle with excitement as she shares her dream of building her own sustainable, self-sufficient home. 

“It will have a pond to collect rainwater, capture solar and wind energy, & energy-efficient appliances. I will grow my own vegetables. Make life as simple as possible. It will be a holistic approach to a sustainable life. If it is successful, I want to help others to do the same.” 

Born & raised in India, Shanti left for England in 1996. Back in India for the past 6 months to research for her Masters, Shanti wishes to eventually return to settle.

 “I had a fantastic childhood. Spent lots of time outdoors playing in nature with other kids. When I visited my aunt in Kerala, I was mesmerised by their old style houses. Nowadays I hardly see kids playing outside. I feel so sorry for the kids nowadays. Hopefully I can bring back some of these values & architecture.” 

Shanti uses Solar Village as her default search engine in her search for a more energy-efficient building design. “I have been searching mainly for research papers & Solar Village does quite a good job at that. Sure, it lacks some of the features that Google has, but a little bit of hardship shouldn’t stop us when it can help rural people.” 

Age is not a barrier. Attitude is. Start making a difference today.

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