Beyond the ban – Changing attitudes towards plastic bags​

Surya Dinkar, founder Earthworks Innovative
The Solar Village team is reaching out to the amazing members of our #SolarVillageCommunity to share their stories for creating a brighter tomorrow. Today, we talk to Surya Dinkar, co-founder of Earthworks Innovative about her experiences in changing people’s attitudes towards disposable plastic.

Plastic bags. People have gotten really angry about whether to ban them.

But for Surya Dinkar (Suri), rather than enforcement & demands, it is education & inspiration that will lead to effective change: “A #BrighterTommorow to us means people adopting a sustainable lifestyle without any imposition.”

After returning from Europe to Chennai, her home, Suri was confronted by the sight of ever-growing plastic pollution. Not willing to watch the problem grow, she decided to come up with a solution that individuals could easily adopt.

In 2017, Suri started Earthworks to provide eco-friendly, durable & affordable alternatives to disposable plastic products. She also speaks to children in schools & helps companies with their corporate social responsibility programmes.

Changing attitudes, however, is hard work. 2 years on, Suri still struggles to get shop owners to place her bags at the billing counter as an option for customers.

“This is not a profitable business,” she notes. Retailers should provide bags at an affordable price without excessively demanding lower prices from suppliers.

Trying to produce bags at lower cost leads to a “domino effect of damages”: damage to the environment, damage to workers’ rights, and depletion of resources through over-consumption.

Using eco-friendly carrier bags is a simple way everyone can make a positive difference to this world – just like Solar Village.

Suri supports Solar Village as a “unique venture with a bold mission”. When using it, she points out, “one is reminded (sub-consciously) about the importance of using renewable energy”.

“Every individual must realize that we are making green changes to conserve our environment not because of government imposed rules, but for ourselves, our future and the future of our next generation.”

We are proud to have Earthworks Innovative as a promotional partner. Visit the Earthworks Innovative website to find out more.

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